Thursday 30 January 2014


Last night I was paid a rare compliment: 'You look snazzy.' I blame my shirt.

Just for the record it didn't happen at a funeral, but, when my time comes I would like the s word on my headstone.

Thank you to the good people at The System for the graphics.


  1. I love the word Snazzy. Did try to campaign on Twitter for it to be brought back into common usage. This'll help. Good man.

  2. I bet it wasn't as snazzy as a certain 70's one...

  3. I love the word snazzy too and I will definitely support a campaign for it to be brought back into common usage. And to see it on a headstone would be a gas.

  4. Here lies John Medd...a snazzy geezer. It's got a ring to it, I'll give you that.

  5. Thank you M, CA, C & TS. If you can be said to be in anyway representative of the country as a whole, then snazzy will start appearing on the side of buses right about now.

  6. Epitaphs. I wish to be cremated - or turned into compost in some manner - so I don't plan to have a last stone edifice of a headstone.

    Snazzy? No not one I'd include on mine... I'd hope for something like "He didn't make the world any worse to live in"... that'll do

    1. What about something you did do, as opposed to something you didn't?