Friday 24 January 2014

Going for a song

After my last post, 50 odd gigs, I was asked by The Swede to list 50 odd songs. Nice try TS, but that would be like asking me for my Desert Island Discs. Ask me today and I'll give you one list - ask me tomorrow and you'll get a different list altogether.

And, anyway, a great record is not always a great song. It's one of the reasons Nick Lowe doesn't play I Love The Sound of Breaking Glass live. Listen to it and you'll realise it's what they did in the studio that turned it into a pop record, not what Lowe would have first noodled around with on his acoustic guitar. Likewise some great dance records are just that: great dance records. Or choons as I think the current vernacular would have it. Strip them down and they're hardly songs at all.

That said, what I will do is give you one song.  A song that would be on any Best Of list you ask me to write today or tomorrow. It will be on the last list I ever write.

I won't spoil it by reviewing it. Or rating it. Or even telling you how perfect I think it is. Everything you need to know about it is wrapped up in its three minutes, 37 seconds.

Just listen.

Pete Morton: Another Train (mp3)

1 comment:

  1. Haha! You can't blame a guy for trying. I'm with you - my choices would also change daily, if not hourly. Though, for fun, I am currently having a go at compiling a Desert Island Disc selection from a slightly different angle, which might make it to a post or two if I manage to pull it off.
    I don't know Pete Morton from Adam, which is clearly my bad and something I need to address. 'Another Train' is something rather special.