Thursday 21 October 2021

Reach out, touch faith

They do say, do they not, that life imitates art; and, in true Magnus Mills style, so it came to pass that disenfranchised members of the (it has to be said, rather successful) Sunday Vinyl Session would take it upon themselves to kickstart a new club; sticking by and large to the same format, and operating not a stone's throw away from where we used to ply our trade, it's time to say 'hello' to the imaginatively titled Monday Vinyl.

Since the easing of lockdown we've found ourselves a shiny new venue complete with a shiny new turntable; all we need now is a shiny new clientele. So, if you find yourself in Nottingham a week on Monday kicking your heels, why not come down to the Carousel in Nottingham's artistic quarter, and see what's shakin' on the hill?

We're kicking off with 'Violator' - Depeche Mode's rather splendid long-player from 1990.  And what better way to start our new season. This really was a groundbreaking album. We'll talk about it. Play it. Have a drink. And then play it some more. So please come down if you're a fan of Basildon's finest. And please do come down even if you're not; tap me on the shoulder and tell me what you'd like to hear next time. See you on the 25th. 

Depeche Mode - Personal Jesus (1990)

Wednesday 13 October 2021

It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see

I've just read Matt Haig's The Midnight Library. My friend Alyson emailed me a couple of weeks ago and recommended it. And I'm so glad she did. It was a delightful read; the sort of novel I'd love to have read and discussed with my old book club back in North Yorkshire. If you've read it, or are thinking of reading it, I'd love to know how you got on with it. And if you are going to get a copy please support your local bookshop if you can - I'm sure Amazon will struggle on if you decide not to use them this once.

Rather than me give away any plot spoilers, here's the author himself giving a very brief synopsis...

Wednesday 6 October 2021


The first entry in the Nottingham A-Z is Aaron Close in Wilford NG2; the last is Zulu Road in Basford NG7. Guess where I'm walking on Sunday? This cheeky urban ramble is the brainchild of Richard, my psychogeography friend, and promises to be great fun. There'll no doubt be a lot of pointing at stuff and general chitchat, while members of the public look on in bewilderment wondering why we on earth we would find a particular roof detail fascinating or want to take photographs of railings.

For those of you unfamiliar with NG postcodes  Aaron Close* is south of the river (Trent), Zulu Road** is north. Depending on the route we take - and how far we stray off piste - it's around five miles, so not too taxing by any stretch of the imagination. And yes, I have got a boozer in mind at the end where, no doubt, we shall plan our next sortie.

* If you've ever been to the cricket at Trent Bridge you're not a million miles away.

** Not far from where they hold the famous Nottingham Goose Fair.