Sunday 12 January 2014


Halfway through Breaking Bad and my knowledge of Crystal Meth and how it's cooked is expanding at an alarming rate. As is the number of episodes we're able to devour in one sitting: four tonight.

There are a number of songs on the soundtrack I'll never be able to listen to in quite the same way again. For example, THe Association - Windy


  1. We're halfway through the final season of Breaking Bad after watching episodes back to back. Over the past few years we've immersed ourselves in The West Wing, The Wire, Sopranos, Six Feet Under and The Shield in much the same way. Whenever we approach the end of a series I get a bit twitchy - where to next?

    1. I'm assuming you've 'done' Justified and Deadwood?

    2. Nope. But I've added them to the list now. Thanks.

  2. Worra piece of work - we almost needed a support group when we'd finished BB. And yes great use of soundtracking. Watch out for Nora Jones and Dangermouse - that tune/scene still gives me chills...

    Boardwalk Empire has been highly recommended

  3. Crystal Blue Persuasion and Baby Blue are now big favourites thanks to Breaking Bad.