Wednesday 5 February 2014

Catherine Wheel Alley

If Bob Crow hadn't taken his subterranean lads out on strike this week, I wouldn't have found myself on the top deck of the 205 going from Marylebone to Aldgate this morning. And I wouldn't have spotted Catherine Wheel Alley in EC2. So that's the title for my next EP sorted.

Cheers Bob.


  1. Fantastic name! I love those tucked away alleys and back lanes in London whose names just make you wonder where on earth they can have originated from. (As good as a crinkle crankle wall!) Great title for your EP.

    1. Unfortunately I was up against the clock yesterday so didn't have time to hop off and give it a coat of looking at. Next time. In fact, when we get everyone in place for our meet-up (still up for it?), we can maybe wander down there. I'll be surprised if Mondo doesn't know it.