Tuesday 14 January 2014

True Colours?

It's not golden, nor does it have any gates
We all know that The Golden Gate Bridge Highway and Transportation District never repainted the bridge green, but they did, quite cleverly, show the iconic structure in its new livery in an advertising campaign to promote their green agenda - including emission reduction policies, bicycle programmes etc.
Vincent Tan, on the other hand, the new meddling Malaysian billionaire Chairman of Cardiff City FC, The Bluebirds, changed the team's home strip from blue to red overnight; thus instantly destroying 100 years of club history. Apparently the colour red is lucky in his culture. Maybe someone should tell David Moyes.

In 1964 when Richard Lester was brought in to make A Hard Day's Night he decided to shoot it in black and white; one of the film's many endearing qualities. But now, thanks to colorization, we can see Macca's Hofner bass looking the same colour as watery gravy and John Lennon looking decidedly unwell.


  1. No, no, no. I no more want to see 'A Hard Day's Night' in colour than see 'Help' in black & white. They can enhance, remaster and digitise all they want, but don't mess with the basic palette of the piece. I assume this is fan produced, but I hope it doesn't give Macca & co any ideas.

    1. I assume so S. Looks like it was done with a few dodgy felt tips.

  2. City fans should have refused to purchase season tickets until the kit was restored to its former blue but you know football supporters - not a lot of gumption or moral integrity. Once they are relegated they will happily get the blue back on and Tan will be long gone with his millions and minions.