Saturday 15 March 2014

Fat Paul & Lord Netherbourne

Listening to The Archers is a lot like listening to Beatles albums: FAB for the most part but sooner or later you know the ubiquitous Ringo track will pop up and knock you off your perch; in the case of The Archers it's called the Sunday episode - all light and no heat.

And it's getting worse, Sunday night episodes are now just as likely to happen on a Wednesday. Or a Friday. Added to which the scriptwriters have gone off piste with virtually every character in Ambridge. Words are being put in their mouths by school leaver scribblers who wouldn't know a pint of Shires from a bottle of WKD.

I can think of only two characters that have escaped this recent bout of silliness: Lord Netherbourne, godfather to posh Caroline and all round benefactor, has about as much to say as the sultry, yet dumb, Marina in Stingray. Likewise, Eddie Grundy's longstanding cowboy builder mate Fat Paul has also sworn a vow of silence - thus ensuring that he can never knowingly contradict himself or commit glaring continuity errors.


  1. Perhaps it's just a load of old crap?

  2. I've honestly never listened to it. Is it like Midsomer Murders but without the homocide?

  3. Having never seen Midsomer Murders I couldn't really say. But if people fall to their deaths from rooftops and get burned alive in barns then the answer's probably yes.

  4. I've never watched Midsomer either but the joke is that it has a horrendous homocide rate for what effectively is a wee village. Death the drama maketh it would appear.