Tuesday 11 March 2014

Kingston Communication Breakdown

Billed as a night featuring Stanley Brinks and The Wave Pictures, we beat a path last Friday to the New Adelphi in Kingston upon Hull - the city famous for its Spiders from Mars and white telephone boxes. What we didn't realise, despite the wording on the poster (a textbook case of poor communication), was that The Wave Pictures wouldn't be playing as such, they would just be the backing band for the night; no matter, I enjoyed it immensely. They did loads of quirky stuff like this:

As a former Hully Gully I have to confess this was my first visit to The Adelphi. It stands at the end of a row of terraces and is, essentially, two houses knocked together with a bar at one end and a stage at the other. But it has a certain charm and some decent hand-pulls too. I'll definitely go back.