Tuesday 18 March 2014


Sher-oo! Cilla's third solo album from 1968
If anyone was going to play Cilla Black in a biopic then Sheridan Smith (below left) probably ticks more boxes than most. However, the transformation into Cilla, seemingly, took nothing more than a red wig and a pair of false teeth. How the story of Liverpool's First Lady is told hinges not just on young Sheridan's ability to keep her dentures in when mimicking Cilla's Mersey Tunnel of a voice, but trying to capture the sense of innocence that, despite much revisionism, existed throughout much of the the 1960s.

From hatcheck girl at The Cavern to having a lorra lorra fun on Blind Date I'm sure we'll learn as much as Cilla wants us to learn and, in keeping with most dramas of the genre, any gaps will no doubt be filled courtesy of some mild latitude with the facts.

Despite having a decent set of pipes on her I'm guessing that Smith won't actually be belting out the tunes herself, chances are she'll be miming to a selection of Cilla's formidable EMI 45s.

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  1. Like you I assume Lip-syncing as to mimic the unique voice of "our" Cilla will take some doing.

    I have to be honest she could belt out a song but I was never that sure about her prefering Lulu, Dusty and Sandy from that age of song birds... remember when someone could still be referred to as a "bird"? Showing more than my age in that comment!