Monday 28 February 2011

Pretty pointless

Spot the difference

I may be wrong (it wouldn't be the first time), but here's a new album (Beady Eye: Different Gear, Still Speeding) that I definitely don't need to hear before I pass judgment; Liam Gallagher has decided that he can make an Oasis record without his big brother. Oh dear. What was he thinking? Couldn't he have just channeled his efforts into being the (new) Man at C&A? And if there was any doubt before then look at the promo picture above to confirm that Gallagher really does think he's John Lennon. I can't wait for Noel's verdict: wrong gear, handbrake still on?

Spot the difference: Even when it comes to album art parody The Monkees wipe the floor with Beady Eyeasis


  1. I've heard a couple of nips - it's like The Beatles filtered through ELO and sounding like an Oasis trib band, but without the tunes..

  2. Not heard anything from it as yet, but have to admit i'm a little tempted to have a go. I doubt it'll set the world on fire, but I'm interested to hear what it's like (in a car crash rubber neckin kinda way!).

    Not paying £11.99 tho (shame on you HMV, no wonder you are going skint), so will wait for it to come down a bit... for this, I can wait!

  3. Hello John, new on your patch so excuse the nerves !

    Consider myself an early OASIS fan but much prefer the singles and 'B' sides to any of the albums, which in my view reduced in quality through the years. I have never paid any attention to the Gallagher's bravado and Liam's particular obsession with John Lennon. Not very subtle about it is he !?

    I'm with Piley, I will end up having a listen I'm sure but this I think could be a Christmas sale 2011 job.


  4. EFR - Ditto that; it really does feel like half a world away since Half A World Away. I've always preferred Noels's acoustic noodlings - I'm currently trying to track down his version of Weller's To Be Someone. Thanks for stopping by. J