Tuesday 15 February 2011

The name's Harrison, not Lennon

Anyone who's been on the receiving end of one of my CD compilations will know this power pop quartet from Austin, Texas; Cotton Mather were once tipped for great things by Noel and Liam and opened for Oasis on a couple of Manc whistle-stop tours of the US. Despite making four albums in their all too brief incarnation (including the critically acclaimed Kon Tiki) they somehow failed to get off the bottom rung. Frontman Robert Harrison - the brains behind the operation - had an uncanny knack of sounding more like John Lennon than John Lennon* but never became a total slave (unlike Oasis) to The Beatles Ltd. They called it a day in 2003, though Harrison is still trading under the moniker Future Clouds And Radar.

Tonight Matthew, I'm going to be John Lennon. From Kon Tiki:

Cotton Mather: Homefront Cameo

This little nugget would suggest that Harrison's menage a trois with Revolver and Rubber Soul is still flourishing. Dr. No is evidence, indeed, that he's still fishing tunes out of the post Beatles, post Cotton Mather backwaters where he now resides.

* Note to Christopher Eccleston: too nasal, too Lily Savage.


  1. Sorry to point it out old man, but you've posted the Mather before! http://johnmedd.blogspot.com/2010/10/if-john-lennon-was-still-alive-today.html

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  3. Well spotted laddie! Though, to be fair, that post was marking Lennon's birthday and Homefront Cameo really is the track where he nails Lennon. Anyway, you can never have too much of the Mather!

  4. Top band, will have to dig some out tonight for listening now.

  5. Incredible - it's like Lennon fronting Crowded House. Park yourself here for another way of re-spinning The Beatles songbook

  6. Nice one M - I love what they've done to Come Together. It could quite easily pass itself off as a floor filler.