Tuesday 8 February 2011

21 Gun Salute

The Number One Son comes of age today. The last 21 years have gone by seemingly faster than a speeding locomotive, but, luckily, and despite what the rest of the family may think, my memory is still (almost) in full working order; therefore the good times (which account for 99% of the time and for that we feel blessed) are forever etched into my mental hard-drive and, hopefully, can never be un-installed. And I'm so glad that for the last two and a bit decades I always had a camera on hand; James' height chart, for example, comprised a row of photographs in a frame of him and me all taken outside Mr. Music in Totnes (many, many Devon holidays) from the age of three until he was seventeen.

Happy Birthday James.

The excellent cake was made by Elaine Honey and is based on James' beloved Nord keyboard.

And here's a clip of his folk combo Frozen Gin.


  1. Happy Birthday to J junior. My eldest is 15 this year and yes it flys by..

    I think the Nord has one setting that does I Feel Love straight out of the box. I've got couple of bleeps and boosters in the collection that may be up his Electric Avenue


    Roland SH-32

    Kaoss Pad

  2. Further happy returns.

    That height chart concept is one of the greatest ideas ever.

  3. Happy Birthday to your son, many happy returns.

    Time only has a forward gear on greased axles.

  4. Wow, if he's got to 21 and you can fondly reflect that it's been 99% good times, then you're set fair for a fine old future as father and son. Genuinely heartwarming stuff. Congratulations to you both (and to his Mum!).

  5. I, too, think the height chart sounds brilliant. And what a great cake! Happy Birthday to James!

  6. Happy birthday James.... belatedly sorry.