Saturday 5 February 2011

Support for the support

Bearded cove on sofa: Barrington aka Gary Cole

Some might say the only good thing to come out of Derby is the A52 to Nottingham (now rechristened Brian Clough Way); I couldn't possibly comment. Anyway, when flying back to the fair city of Nottingham to interview Dodgy and pull in their gig at The Central, a young bearded cove, from Derby support band WhiteMoor, thrust a CD into my hand and said 'give this a listen.' And you know what, it's cracking little record that's fair bristling with charm and a personality a million miles removed from any Indie Landfill you may have been subjected to on 6 Music recently. You can read my review here.

This gem is what we used to call Side 1, Track 1. I do believe they had the good sense to release it as a single (remember them?) Oh, and their guitarist calls himself Barrington.

WhiteMoor: Three Words


  1. Now that's a proper song. Don't know why but the drumming reminds me of early Duran..

    For similar instrumental riffery - check out Baltic Fleet, based round Paul Fleming (also does keys for Echo & The Bunnymen, Ian McCulloch). I caught them live on Friday for their first gig as full band (last time I saw them they were just a 3 piece) the tunes were way to big for the room.

    PS Mr Mystery was Ben Sherman