Friday 25 February 2011

Going up!

I was having a few scoops with an old friend of mine the other night. We'd not seen each other for a while so our conversation was peppered with obligatory bouts of 'catching up.' It transpires that Brian's wife is soon to be working at the newly refurbished Arts Tower at Sheffield University. Upon hearing this news I blurted 'Paternoster!'

If you're not familiar with Paternoster lifts, then you must take a look at the above link; it's long been an ambition of mine to 'ride' one of these behemoths. However, due to the nanny state and all things Health and Safety ('A lift without doors? What do you mean it doesn't stop? Are you mad?'), there aren't many still in commission in the UK - the one in Sheffield being only one of a handful left. Looks like I'll be paying a visit to Steel City in the not too distant.


  1. We had one at Leicester Uni, in the Attenborough Building. It was fab. If you were feeling daring, you could jump off as the carriage was four feet above your floor (and rising), or stay on and 'go over the top' to see if you went upside down (did you, or didn't you? I'm not telling.).

    A wonderful, bonkers invention. I'd love to ride one again.

  2. I've been in the Arts Tower, I chickened out of using the Paternoster though. In case any Sheffielders read this I might add that I took the plunge off the top diving board at the old Sheaf Valley baths a few times, proof that I'm not a complete wimp.

  3. Never had the pleasure but my sister told me that a hospital she worked in back in the late eighties had such a staff only facility, roll that trolley bed off...