Tuesday 12 September 2023

The trouble with me is water under the bridge

Found myself back in Hull at the weekend. A few beers on Saturday in the Old Town and a bit of a wander, (& a rather nice pizza) and what better way to round off proceedings than with a few pix of my favourite bridge on Sunday afternoon. I never tire of looking at it (I know, I've told you that before); I'm in awe of it every time I see it (Yes, I've told you that too). And it never looks the same twice. (Yep, ditto above.) I must have fired off a couple of dozen shots at least - many whilst trying to eat an ice cream - and in true spray and spray fashion there were a couple of keepers; the rest will take up residency on my burgeoning photo roll. 

Anyway, that's enough of my confessional. Feel free to share your obsession(s). What building, place, object, do you, above all else, hold dear? You may not photograph it every time you see it (though you might); you may not even have told anyone before about this passion (though you might). Either way, drop me a comment below. If you don't, then I'll know - I really am a crazed loner.  

Dodgy - Water Under the Bridge (1993)

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