Wednesday 6 September 2023

Hackney Diamonds?

The Stones (what's left of 'em) have released a new single. Everyone's getting into a bit of a lather about it. Maybe cos it's 60 years since their first 45 hit the shops.

What's it called? Angry.

When's it out? Now. 

Is it any good? (Shrugs) S'alright. 7/10; the video's better.

Alright then, the video? A solid 9. See for yourself.

The Rolling Stones - Angry (2022)


  1. Enjoyed it more than I expected... but she really should wear a seatbelt.

    1. Clunk-Click every trip; did we learn nothing from the 70s?

  2. The song is fairly generic post- 74 Stones but decent enough I suppose. The video is clever (The Stones through the years bits on billboards) and good fun (the girl in the car)... Rol's right about a seatbelt, most irresponsible and I feel like there's a comment to be about airbags

  3. It does sound a bit cut-price New York Dolls to me ;-)
    Agree with Rol and SA about the girl in the video, I was getting worried there that she was going to, ahem, fall out

    1. I think what I'm trying to say here thru my ridiculously brief review is twofold.
      * It's not about the song (the Stones have never been about the songs since 1981's Start Me Up).
      * It is, however, about the band curating what their legacy will look like. Hence the excellent accompanying video. Those billboards ARE the Stones: Charlies's in there, Bill's in there, Mick Taylor's in there. That's how the band will ultimately be remembered.