Saturday 30 September 2023

Shutter nutter

The Paul McCartney exhibition capped off my London awayday quite nicely last Saturday. Little Venice and the walk along the Regent's Canal to Camden, followed by Covent Garden & Soho were all great stepping stones before landing on the National Portrait Gallery for Macca's Eyes of the Storm collection.

Leaving it till late afternoon meant that the gallery wasn't too busy, so at no time did I feel rushed when walking from room to room. Macca's trusty Pentax (the camera of choice for all four mop tops) recorded the kind of intimate and candid photographs neither the press or indeed anyone else could possibly have recorded.

Every image in the collection captured just what it must have been like to be on the road with a phenomenon the kind of which nobody had witnessed before or since.  It was then a visit to the ubiquitous gift shop for a couple of trinkets before sliding out into London's early evening bustle for a well deserved pint of grog (in a hidden away gem of a pub just off The Strand) before a short tube ride back to St. Pancras. A perfect day.

This is CBS's piece on the show.


  1. Sounds like a perfect day and a great exhibition. I'm wondering which pub you went to as I was in the Strand area last year and had lovely tipple in the Old Bell Tavern, it felt like it could have been a portal to almost any other era, they were even playng the Yardbirds in the background.

  2. Heard and read a lot about the show, but alas didn't make it down. Good to see that you bagged another badge for the collection.