Tuesday 12 September 2023

Rock on, Tommy

We live in a world where nothing surprises me anymore. In recent times we've seen satire and parody being issued their respective P45s as fiction has been beaten to a pulp by reality. Strange days indeed, Mama. So when I heard that Thomas Walsh (Pugwash & Duckworth Lewis Method) had recently put out a new single* with Joe Elliott (yes, that Joe Elliott, the Joe Elliott from Def Leppard) on backing vocals, I barely flinched. "Of course, he has," I probably spluttered. 'Why wouldn't he?" And why wouldn't he indeed. As Classic Rock magazine, of all people, put it so perfectly: "The musical equivalent of a flurry of butterflies on a summer evening." I have nothing more to add. Apart from "It's bloody brilliant!"

Thomas Walsh: All This Hurt (2023)

* It's lifted from his first solo album 'The Rest is History' - released 31 October.

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