Wednesday 20 September 2023


I've only gone and got tix for Paul McCartney's
Eyes of the Storm photographic exhibition on Saturday! It promises to be a bit special; everyone says so. And it's at the National Portrait Gallery so I'm a bit pumped up about it. It covers a brief window in time (1963-64) when Macca was travelling the world for the first time and playing around with some really expensive, top of the range, cameras. Photographing Beatles; photographing people photographing Beatles. Like I say, I can't wait. I've got a couple of other errands to run as well, so will report back I'm sure.

It would be easy to pluck a Beatles tune, or a Wings tune, even a solo McCartney tune today. Instead, however, I've gone for one of his more adventurous workouts and a perfect companion piece to both Blackbird and Bluebird.

The Fireman - Two Magpies (1993)


  1. Looking forward to a write-up of this trip.

    1. I'm looking forward to writing it up, Martin!