Monday 4 September 2023

You can put your life to rights

In 2020 Trampoline's Jack Jones was picking up his little cousin from school where she had just painted a paradise in which animals and humans lived in harmony, but had mistakenly called it an abattoir. He jotted down everthing she told him and came up with this beautiful spoken word classic. His mate Pete Doherty chimes in with the backing vocals. Jones shot the accompanying video on his phone on a deserted Swansea Bay beach during Covid (Doherty did the same in France where he currently resides). I have to say, this song has been a constant companion to me during the last couple of years and I really felt it was high time I shared it with you. 

(She won't be reading this right now, but this is for Alyson. Please get well soon; it's quiet round here without you. J x)

Trampoline (feat. Pete Doherty) - Uncle Brian's aAbator (2020)


  1. Not heard this before, thanks - so intriguing, so charming; I think it's going to stick in my mind for quite a while.
    A lovely note re. Alyson, and the same sentiments from me. I miss my female blog oppo.