Sunday 17 September 2023

Northern Powerhouse

As someone who is always trying to keep an eye out for new and emerging talent (or new to me), I was pointed in the direction of this lot at the weekend: Sandra's Wedding are a three piece from Goole in the East Riding of Yorkshire. Their songs have a charm all of their own, each one peppered with acerbic lyrics that tell beautiful little northern stories. Not knowing where to pick up the band's back catalogue - they've been going since 2015 - I'm currently dipping in and out of all five of their albums. I'm also quite taken with the accompanying low budget videos: shot mostly in black and white and filmed, it goes without saying, in the north of England. And they're are all mini masterpieces. This one is no exception.

Sandra's Wedding - Given Rain (2023)


  1. Thank you, John. They're right up my street. Particularly pleased to see they have an album called "Frame Yourself", a proper Yorkshire expression.

    1. That's right. My dad was always telling me to "frame.''
      I think I used to tell James as well.