Monday 8 July 2019


The events of 1969 are currently looming very large. There are a number of monumental 50th anniversaries going on right now; not least Apollo 11 - a must see movie is on general release depicting just what Neil Armstrong and the real Buzz Lightyear got up to when they were floating in their tin can half a century ago.

I remember Aldrin saying in Andrew Smith's Moondust that NASA were very candid with the crew when they signed up for the mission of all missions: their chances of coming back alive were given at no more than 50/50. This is one film I will not be missing.

And Abbey Road. The Beatles' final recorded album (Let it Be, despite coming out in 1970, was already in the can before the Fabs entered EMI Studios in Abbey Rad for the last time). Beatles historian Mark Lewisohn is touring the country later in the year giving his unique take on the events that made Abbey Road, quite literally, The End. And he's coming to a venue near me, so I'm well chuffed.

Joey Ramone may have left this earth (as too have all the original Ramones), but he still looks down on New Yorkers: the sign for Joey Ramone Place, if you look high enough (it's been stolen so many times it's now been sited where it can only be reached by basketball players) is in the Bowery district, close to the site of a (long gone) club where he and the band played many of their 2,500+ gigs: CBGBs - the New York punk venue.

Joey Ramone - 1969


  1. Lots of footage yesterday as the anniversary of launch day. Thanks to you I discovered the book Moondust which was a great insight to what went on in the minds of the astronauts themselves. What a time to be alive and I remember well watching that rocket take off for the moon - Still probably a bit too young to really take in the significance of it all but glad I could watch in real time. Remember that bit about the 50/50 chances and also the bit about they didn't know if the surface was like blancmange or solid - They could have all disappeared without trace!

    Love the Joey Ramone sign - The plan was to go to NYC for my 50th - The new plan is for my 60th which is a heck of a lot closer than I want it to be. Will look out for it if I make it this time.

    1. I saw Apollo 11 on Sunday. I was so moved by it I couldn't stop shaking afterwards.