Saturday 3 November 2018

Torched the haystack. Found the needle

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There's a lot to be said for brevity; in the case of Twitter, not more than 140 characters (I think that's why I love it so much). I'm currently digging six word stories - that's right, stories that pack a punch in less time than it takes to clean your glasses; stories that never outstay their welcome. Stories that demand to be reread.

Ernest Hemingway was the master: For Sale: baby shoes, never worn.

That, plainly, is the benchmark. It's probably never been bettered. Though, for what it's worth, I think the following examples come pretty close.

Painfully, he changed 'is' to 'was'.

Strangers. Friends. Best friends. Lovers. Strangers.

She will always be the one.

Underneath you, I erupt into stars.

The smallest coffins are the heaviest.


I know I've chosen some really sad ones; there are, for sure, some really uplifting ones out there too. Maybe next time...


  1. I remember the world's shortest horror story:

    "The last man in the world sat alone in his room.

    There was a knock at the door."

  2. I've never cracked brevity in my blog but looking at these I should make more of an effort - Powerful stuff as Brian says, yet so few words.

    Liked Lynchie's horror story as well!

    1. There you go then Alyson, your new challenge.

      Your next blog post - 100 words, one photo, one song.

    2. Maybe not for the next one but will give it a try. 140 characters - no chance. 100 words - just maybe.

    3. Think you need to do a bit of housekeeping at the bottom of this chain - they definitely didn't stick to 140 characters!

  3. Oh I love these. Your 'eyes' one, especially! Yes, powerful, as has been said above. Found myself trying to think up something too as I lay in bed last night - but failed miserably.

    1. They're good, aren't they? Keep trying - you'll come up with a good one, I know you will.