Thursday 8 August 2013


If Ben Kweller's Thirteen had been around when I was a youth this achingly beautiful song would have found its way on to every mix tape I ever did for a girl. Now, as a middle aged man, I find myself including it on compilation CDs and Spotify playlists for other middle aged men. No matter, that doesn't stop it from being an achingly beautiful song. If only I was still a flirt.


  1. I miss the days of flirty mix tapes too... My now husband put the Clash's 1-2 Crush On You, unlisted and right at the end of some other stuff he'd taped for me, before we were even going out with each other. Aww, I'll never forget how I felt when it came on!

  2. My 'hidden' track of choice on compilation tapes was 'Love You More' by Buzzcocks, cooler and more hard-edged than it's regular predecessor in my pointless attempts at flirtation, 'I Really Love You Babe' by T.Rex.

  3. Beautiful indeed and appropriate for this day.

    It never ceases to trouble me how I am still in touch with females from over 40 years ago, who were little more than colleagues/acquaintances, whereas the boys we shared "everything" with as per this song are out of our lives for good. Can't really be any other way, but sad.

    Yes the phenomenon of the mix-tape - We were just the right age for them and don't think the Spotify playlists of today could be as personal somehow. Even if it did spew out into the machine sometimes, the tape was something tangible and real.

    1. A - I'd never thought about it like that before. I'm sure there's a piece in there somewhere; boys and girls who were just passing thru our lives, heading to who knows where to be with who knows who.