Monday 12 August 2013


Just back from a most agreeable folk festival in the North East of England; for an area described by George Osborne's father-in-law last week as desolate and only fit for fracking, a more vibrant, friendly and cultural area I've yet to discover. With champagne moments too numerous to list here, a festival high was seeing Edwina Hayes on the Friday night and then meeting her the following lunchtime at a Meet the Songwriters session. She was, without doubt, one of the most charming, intelligent and funny women I've ever met. And she writes some intoxicating tunes to boot.


As a slightly quirky footnote Edwina talked briefly about her father, now residing in Argentina. Even by her own admission he's a bit of a lad. If you've got a spare five minutes click on his website for a brief bio and some of the craziest quotes attributed to anyone.

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