Monday 5 August 2013

Sky Ground

A lot of column inches been given over to the highly influential San Francisco music scene of the late 60s and early 70s. Bands like The Grateful Dead and Jefferson Airplane rode a psychedelic wave that would transport them seamlessly from one decade into the next. Others struggled: Fifty Foot Hose and The Chocolate Watch Band might have been tearing up trees in the Fillmore district at the same time as Jerry Garcia, but ran out of gas before they could show their full potential. Likewise the rather aptly named Sky Ground (left) could regularly be seen on the bill at The Bear's Lair, Cinnamon A-Go-Go, Mandrake's and Sugar Hill. Fronted by Phil 'Parsley' Woodlands (originally from Leeds by all accounts) and Berkeley resident Dill Dilbert they never found an audience outside of the Bay Area and sadly folded in 1973. Woodlands and Dilbert did, however, record an EP in the back of a Cantonese restaurant on the corner of Mission & Third a mere two weeks before they disbanded: One Tree was pressed on blue vinyl in a limited run of only 250 - one of the reasons why copies often exchange hands for hundreds of dollars. That and the fact that Carlos Santana plays on it.

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  1. John - many thanks for the plug. Yeah, you're right, I did hail from Leeds until a chance meeting in a health food shop with a record producer resulted in my being whisked away to flower-power central - ahh, heady days. The old Carlos link was another chance thing too - the so-called "Big Moustache Club" (3rd & Central, Ashbury Heights) was real popular in the late 60's and that's where Mr Jingo Lo Ba (as I used to call him) & I met. Back in the UK, we did have a bit of a micro-following based at Leeds Poly, but sadly, not quite enough to keep us afloat. Still talk to Dill too - but only on FB & such. Thanks again man - peace out. P.P.Woodlands.