Thursday 7 December 2023

Power of three

Together Pangea (great name; if you know, you know) appeared on a recent playlist with their super catchy
Money On It - a dazzling song in a jangly acoustic styley. And then, having played it a zillion times I was tempted to see what the original sounded like. Again, just as infectious with a fabulous video to boot. I can't quite place the Californian town it's filmed in but I know I've been there. I just know. So, now you've heard it twice, how about hearing it a third time, this time live for a Jam in the Van Session? This sort of investigative work on bands I have no prior knowledge is fascinating and a great 'in' to what they're all about. More of this sort of thing to come, I think: simple format - unknown band (to me); catchy song; three different takes on same.

Anyway, here is the combo in question. (Also, very quickly before I go, I absolutely love any band that play Fender Mustangs.)

Together Pangea - Money On it (2017)


  1. Great name as you say and yes, I know.

    1. Great name, great sound, great guitars. What more do we want?