Wednesday 20 December 2023

Figaro! Figaro! Figaro!

Although it's been said many times, many ways (probably), I am not a petrolhead; yes, I like nice cars and yes, I have owned some nice vehicles over the years but I don't get off on them. And I certainly don't talk the blokey language that often comes with the territory.

Hence, when I saw my first Figaro I didn't even know what it was. It looked like some kind of kit car assembled in a factory somewhere east of Berlin. However, it was pink, so probably not East German. Then, a couple of weeks later, I saw one in brown. And that's when my interest was piqued: I asked on Twitter what the hell they were. The response was very non-blokey (i.e in a language I could understand*) and, with a bit more digging, I got a handle on what these unorthodox convertibles were all about.

A car made by Nissan c.1994/5 and in such small numbers (about a thousand found their way to the UK - and all in pastel colours) that I can't believe I've spotted three (that's right, I clocked another one this evening parked outside Aldi) in as many months (and all within a 10 mile radius of where I live). It also appears they are very collectable. 

I also found this somewhat random film on YouTube. Sorry, it is presented by a motoring journalist. But his wife isn't. Yes, she's gobby and yes, she's forthright, but her take on why she loves her Nissan Figaro is really quite sweet. If in a gobby and forthright way**.(She comes in at 0:47). Anyway, I just thought I'd share these funny little cars I keep seeing with you. Normal service will be resumed, I promise.

* Except the word chod.

** She's also desperate for you not to know how old she is.


  1. Thanks for another great year, John, not least the monthly photo challenge!

    Wishing you all the best for the festive period and New Year. See you in '24!

  2. That is a rather cute car, I must say! I'm not into them as a rule either, but I still hanker for my lovely little Triumph Herald 13/60. Oh, the style.
    Thanks for all the music, art and lovely randomness in your posts as ever this year - not least the photo challenge as Khayem says too.
    Here's wishing you a great Christmas and all the best to you and Jenny.

    1. Thank you, C. Have you written about your Herald? Are there photos of it? Are there photos of you in it? I feel 2024 could be the Year of the Triumph Herald!

      Happy Christmas to you too.

  3. Thanks John, a little post from way back here,
    but maybe I'll manage another in '24!

    1. She was a beauty! You don't see many in captivity now:(