Sunday 24 December 2023

And the nominations are...

In response to the incredible take-up for my monthly photo-challenge this year (I've now got twelve perfectly formed individual collections under my belt), I promised I'd do an end of year roundup showcasing the best of the best. Excluding my snaps, I received - and posted - some 163 photographs from nineteen individual contributors. Thank you so much to everyone for sending me your amazing images. Give yourselves a pat on the back (and as it's nearly Christmas, treat yourself to a small sherry while you're at it!)

So, in no particular order, here are the photos that did it for me this year. (I've been persuaded to do it all again next year: January's theme is detailed at the foot of the page - get them to me by New Year's Eve, if you can.)

Each of the monthly themes can be found here to put the images in some kind of context. And what better place to start than at the beginning. The first. Number One. Our good friend, Alyson, sent me this way back in January.

Rol can always be relied on to pull something out of his locker; often buried very deep. This one dates back to the 90s I believe.

Rob shot these surfers on his local beach. (Rob was new to Photo Challenge at the time and I'm glad he's stuck around.)

K opened his account with this eerie stick man back in May; still gives me the shivers.

A lot of love came in for Adam and his steamy caff window.

Ben surprised everyone with this one; not a single phone box in sight.

Just when you think the standard can't get any higher, The Swede enters stage right.

Just looking at Charity Chic's Glasgow escalators gives me vertigo.

David snapped this beautiful stained glass skylight in an equally beautiful jazz club.

C, over at Sun Dried Sparrows, loves bees. Here's her bee-box.

Time for a bit of brutality. Martin's contribution to December's staircase theme.

Riggsby sees circles everywhere. His portfolio this year has been astounding. Here is just one of many typewriters he found this year.

I persuaded Jo-Shreeve to take part a couple of months ago; I hope we see more of her next year.

And finally, James. For our Splash of Colour theme in November he sent me this beautiful Icelandic waterfall.

What a set of photos, I'm sure you'll agree. I must admit it's hard to rank them - they're all brilliant - but I must confess, a couple really stood out at the time. I'd love to know what you think...

January's theme is favourite book (either of all time or recently read) and object*/artefact/trinket in your home. It can be anything at all. Either separately or in one photo, I'll leave it up to you.

All that remains is for me to wish you all Compliments of the Season. See you soon. J x



  1. Honoured to be part of this collection.

    Still struggling with the January one though...

    1. Couldn't have done it without you, Rol.

      Don't over think January. I know you''ll have a lot of books in your gaff: favourite, last good one read, oldest etc. - it really doesn't matter. And as for 'the thing', it can be a pebble you found on the beach, your first single, a pen, a jumper, a print, your son's handprint from nursery; it can literally be anything. Something that speaks to you.

  2. This is wonderful, and also honoured to have my bee-box included, thank you. I'm terrible at picking favourites in any scenario, especially one where the selection is so diverse, so they're all stand-outs to me. But if my life depended on it I would give an extra prize out for Adam's steamy caff window because of the way it stirs all my senses - I can feel the warmth of the room, smell the food, hear the background chatter, and imagine tracing my fingers down the condensated window to draw a picture.

    Re. next month's - so sorry but I misunderstood the brief (not for the first time in life!) I sent you books but no "things". So I'll redress this - a book and a "thing" (!) together would make for a far more interesting image I'm sure, and I have something in mind now. Will send through soon.

    1. It can even have you in the picture, C (in true Swedey McSwedeface stylee!)

  3. A great selection of photos, well done for pulling this together every month and for inspiring people to share their photos. Digital photography and phones have changed the way to take photos and the way we see things- there are pictures of things we'd never have photographed before. And thanks for including mine cafe photo- and thanks C too.

    1. It's an absolute pleasure to curate, Adam. The quality of images on display each month is jaw dropping. It would be nice to physically hang them all in a real life gallery. One day...

  4. I think my favourites are Riggsby's typewriter and CC's escalators.

    I know exactly what my two things are for the January submission. Will get them to you soon.

    Marry Christmas.

    1. Thank you, Alyson; I'm sure Richard could open a gallery of his own just dedicated to vintage typewriters.