Tuesday 26 December 2023


Is there a better way to kickstart your Boxing Day than with eggs, bacon, sausage and bubble? All washed down with a Bootleg Bucks? Nah, thought not. Team Medd, captained by on-loan striker James, played a blinder in the kitchen this morning with a breakfast/brunch combo that will certainly keep me going till the Number One Son and I spill out of Meadow Lane later this afternoon and make our way to the King Billy for a celebratory beer.


  1. I have to say those Bubbles are immaculate, John. My attempts at Bubble and Squeak are rather more, shall we say, "rustic"!

  2. We actually had breakfast for dinner tonight but without the bubble and squeak. Never made it in my life but now I feel I should give it a whirl sometime.