Monday 18 December 2023

Close enough

Afternoon gigs - they're the way forward. Two of the UK's most endearing (and enduring) jazz musicians were playing Nottingham's intimate & acclaimed jazz club Peggy's Skylight on Saturday. However, in addition to their main set, the club decided, due to strong ticket sales, to also put them on for an hour, matinee style, at around six and bill it as a Twilight Show. Way to go, Peggy's. 
So, with a Negroni in my hand and Claire Martin all but sitting in my lap (so close are the tables to the stage) the trio (Adam King on bass nearly stole the show) played a mesmerising set and the hour absolutely flew by. Jim Mullen has been playing with Claire since her first album was released some thirty plus years ago and was in the form of his life. Out of total respect for the band I left my camera in my bag, so no pics I'm afraid. And if you want to know just how good they were - have a butcher's at this: - taken from a little session Claire & Jim did for Jazz FM a couple of years back.

Claire Martin & Jim Mullen - Close Enough for Love (2017)

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