Friday 29 December 2023

Mayo dressing

I love a flag. Drinking recently in a very welcoming boozer in Camden Town I noticed there were a number of green and red flags draped behind the bar - "Mayo GAA" the barkeep told me - "The owner's from County Mayo." Makes sense I thought (there's a strong Irish element in this part of north London).

Any Fontaines DC fans out there will probably have clocked that their bass player, Conor Deegan, can often be seen sporting one of the team's shirts, hailing, as he does, from Castlebar, county town of Mayo.


After reading Swiss Adam's exhaustive roundup of 2023 (he researches into the wee small hours night after night to compile these things so we don't have to) I thought I too would play you the Fontaines' version of Nick Drake's 'Cello Song. It's fucking brilliant, and you can quote me on that.

Fontaines DC - 'Cello Song (2023)


  1. Thanks John. There's something very pleasing about red and green side by side as in the Mayo flag.