Thursday 22 September 2022


I was on business in Worthing yesterday; Brighton's scruffy little brother. My meeting finished earlier than I thought so I rang my cousin Suzie who lives up the road in Hove and invited myself round for a cuppa; we'd not seen each other since before Covid so it was great to catch-up. She still smiles when I call her Suzie; she was always Suzie when we were kids, but now she's a grown up and everyone calls her Susan. Except me. Oh, and we had lemon drizzle cake too.


Today's blog post was brought to you by a sixty-one year old man. Normal service will be resumed, I promise.


  1. I thought this was normal service.

    Either way, it'll do for me. Better than what these young 'uns call fun.

    1. Thanks Rol - as I was writing it I felt like Godfrey in Dad's Army talking about his sister, Dolly, and her upside-down cakes.

    2. You could never be confused with Godfrey, John. Don't worry.

      Gorgeous picture - is it one of yours?

    3. Thank you, Alyson. May I be excused?!

      Yes, one of mine. Driving between Worthing and Hove I spotted it. Love the colours.