Friday 30 September 2022


I'd say there are two main drivers behind Are We There Yet? My love of music, one. And secondly my passion for the English language. So, here you go, a few tunes and a brand new word (well, new to me).

I did a playlist for a friend who was going on holiday to Cornwall this week. Not really knowing the sort of stuff she listens to I trusted to luck and went for a mixed bag; listening back to it now it's probably a tad downbeat. However, I needn't have worried. 

And I have no idea which two songs she'd heard; Short of playing a musical version of Wordle with her, I'll ask her next week when she gets back.


  1. Bananarama and Daft Punk would be my guess.Think most folk would be familiar with them

  2. Blimey, John, if this playlist is goated, how are you going to follow it up?! That said, she's absolutely right.