Tuesday 27 September 2022


I had a good excuse for missing the opening night of Ian Prowse and Amsterdam's 2022 tour in Nottingham. I was in America. But I did catch them half way round; at the Adelphi in Hull. That was the night I lost it when Ian sang Does This Train Stop on Merseyside. It's what I do.

And then on Saturday we caught the train to Manchester and pulled in the last night: Gullivers in Manchester was ramming. It was also very hot. A small venue above a pub is my favourite environment to watch bands; always has been. If you've ever read my 50 odd gigs piece I wrote back in 2014, there's a fair smattering of pub gigs on there, dotted around the country, hither and thither. Which reminds me, I really must update that list.

Another small venue Ian's playing in a couple of weeks (solo, not with the band) is The Barrel House in Totnes. Ask me if I've got tickets. Of course I have! And, as you can see from the poster at the top of the page, Ian has already announced his Spring dates for '23; yep, I'm currently eyeing up Leeds and Sheffield. If any of these dates are near where you live (or even if they're not) I strongly urge you to blag a ticket. You won't regret it. 


  1. Your 50 odd gigs (which I missed first time round) got me thinking.May have to include the Old Boys Network at the Mercat Bar!

    1. That was a good afternoon wasn't it?!
      I remember doing 'The 50' straight off the bat; I didn't look at my diaries, I just went with my gut - gigs that stood out.

  2. Ooh, I see he's playing the Voodoo Rooms in Edinburgh - TS, Alyson and I had our last night's (final!) drinks at the Cafe Royale and I remember we noticed the sign for the Voodoo Rooms upstairs. Bet that's a lovely venue - almost as good as the Mercat Bar!

  3. Ah yes, the Cafe Royale, I remember it well. I'm not sure if I realised that the Voodoo Rooms was upstairs though. Sadly Ian's Edinburgh show doesn't quite overlap with my own return to the city later in May 2023 for Bruce Springsteen at Murrayfield.