Wednesday 14 September 2022

Brought to you by the letter D

I could be wrong - it wouldn't be the first time - but in all the years I've been writing about music and popular culture* (and certainly in the last dozen or so I've been curating this blog) I've used many superlatives and adjectives when waxing lyrical about artists and their work, but I don't think I've ever reached for the D word to describe anyone or anyone's music. Until now, that is. 

GusGus** are an Icelandic electronic combo with an impressive eleven studio albums under their belt. This is taken from their tenth, Lies are More Flexible. And, yes, in my humble opinion, it is divine.  

GusGus - Fuel (2018)


* Or stuff, as I generally tell people who ask what I write about.

** From a 1974 German film Fear Eats the Soul, in which a female character cooks couscous and calls it gusgus.


  1. I've liked GusGus since I heard Polyesterday in the mid-1990s. Arguably, they haven't deviated greatly from their original musical path but I always look forward to what they come up with next. And thanks for the footnote, I'd never read about the origin of their name before - brilliant!

  2. Thank you, K! They are flipping good, aren't they? I can't stop playing them...