Friday 9 September 2022

How can you laugh when you know I'm down?

Artist: Jeni Amos Rodger

It's subjective, I know, but my favourite London bridge is Chelsea Bridge. To the best of my knowledge this particular Thames crossing is still very much up. Billy Strayhorn wrote a song about it in 1941 (even though he got it confused with Battersea Bridge - the next one along). Strayhorn is not unique in getting his bridges mixed up.


Queen Elizabeth II (1926-2022)


  1. Love that clip. Love a good bridge too and in just the last few weeks have been lucky enough to walk over the Millennium Bridge (my current favourite) and the Golden Jubilee Footbridge, and pass under the ones between the Tower and Westminster by boat. One day I'd like to do the lot. Also I can highly recommend the book 'Cross River Traffic' by Chris Roberts, for some extra snippets of info about them all... (had the pleasure of illustrating some works by him in the past, lovely chap!)

    1. I would love to hire a bike for the day and crisscross the Thames using all the bridges; maybe you'd like to join me, C?

    2. I'd have to get my cycling proficiency badge first ;-)
      Think some of those bridges would be rather dodgy on a bike but I like the idea of a mixture of modes of transport. Over some and under others, by bus, boat and boots?