Thursday 21 June 2018


They call it shameless self publicity; those Mini Cards that Moo are so good at come in really useful. I use them as tags for Medd's Bread. I slip them into birthday cards and CDs. I put them on pub notice boards. I slide them into new paperbacks at Waterstones. I even leave them on trains.

They cost peanuts and you can put as many designs and photos on them as you like. The ones you see here have that picture of my mother in London, the interior of a rather exclusive private members club in Soho, and the new Are We There Yet? mast head - designed by James. I know, I'm shameless.


  1. I can see that I now need to purchase some Moo cards to promote my new blog (ahem, shameless self publicity).
    You told me to start one ages ago, and finally I've got around to it. However, it's about a trip, so it will have an ending (Silly Moo), unless I devise a cunning plan to extend it somehow.
    Thanks for the encouragement and sorry I was so late with my homework!

    1. I'm impressed Rowena! Fair play to you; I shall look forward to reading it. I've just seen a map with Butt of Lewis on it - always makes me laugh.
      And yes, I love Moo. Silly, or not silly - they're all good.
      P.S. Did you get my email?