Tuesday 5 June 2018

Another early bath*

The blues are still blue
Two iconic photographs appeared on my Twitter feed today. The first is a timely reminder that we're only a couple of weeks away from the World Cup kicking off in the former USSR. England, as per usual, haven't got the slightest chance of getting anywhere near the finals; unlike in 1970 when Alf Ramsey took his squad to Mexico as defending champions - 1966 and all that. And though we came close, we weren't close enough. But I just love this photo - everything, the sky, the lads' tracksuits, even the curtains on the coach, is a shimmering blue. With the exception of Alan Ball's red shirt; there's always one.

The green green grass
Exhibit B is that rare thing - a bunch of thugs looking almost wistful. Leeds Utd were, for much of the seventies, known as Dirty Leeds. They would knock seven bells out any opposition they played on a Saturday afternoon. Bar none. Yet, for five minutes on the training ground they quite literally stood like statues long enough for a team photo like no other. And, just for that literal snapshot in time, they looked like butter wouldn't melt. Who needs Photoshop?

Miles Davis - Blue in Green

* In case you're wondering, here's the original early bath


  1. Nice piccies. Do you remember the squad's official anthem that year, Back Home? More to the point, do you remember that single's B-side ....


  2. In session tonight, The Wistful Thugs.

    1. I think, for what it's worth, even if you don't like football there is so much to savour in these two photographs.

    2. I totally agree John, particularly the shot of the England squad. Suddenly I'm 10 years old again, it's 1970 and the world (and World Cup) is in colour. I lost interest in football not that long after to be honest, but, at the time, I was as infatuated with the tournament as the next excitable kid. Carlos Alberto's goal against Italy was and is a wonder to behold. At a stretch I could probably still name almost everyone in the England photo.

  3. Keep talking: *sound of an open door being pushed*.