Saturday 23 June 2018

Madness Frontman

Suggs in the City
The death of Suggs' cat on his fiftieth birthday (Suggs, not the cat) surprisingly became something of a turning point for the man who will be forever introduced by the prefix Madness Frontman.  

On that fateful day (for the cat), back in January 2011, Suggs was in the bath (I'm tempted to say Suggs in Suds, but I think I'll pass on that one), when the moggy fell off a collapsed bathroom shelf (a shelf put up by the man in the bath, it transpires). 'There was an almighty crash, broken glass everywhere, and my cat was dead. I was 50, my two daughters had recently left home and now this. I really felt like God hated me.' As you can tell, it knocked him sideways.

That day he started to write about all the events leading up to the moment the dodgy shelf parted company with the wall. In no time at all the Madness Frontman (see, even I'm doing it) had written an autobiographical stage show he could take out on the road and perform. 'My Life Story': a form of therapy? Having seen the show myself, yes, I think it was.  Funny and moving in equal parts (well, maybe 60/40), it received rave reviews. Not least by me - I told him as much when I met him earlier this year.

And now Julien Temple film has made it into a film. Of course he has - it's what he does. Here's the trailer.

This is for Alyson: she asked me to write something about Madness Frontman Suggs (it's catching). I absolutely love this version of My Girl. I hope she does too.


  1. You threw down the gauntlet, I picked it up and you've not been found wanting - It's catching as you say.

    I'm going to try and catch that film - I know he had a colourful upbringing but to make his autobiography into a stage show was clever. Back in the day there was a Madness drama-doc movie called Take It Or Leave It (released in 1981). I was a big fan so persuaded the student boyfriend to come and see it with me. There we were, aged 21, standing for ages in a massive queue outside our local ABC Cinema with a load of little kids in parkas. It was on the city's main thoroughfare so loads of people we knew passed by - To be honest it was an Embarrassment!

    1. Yes, I want to catch the film too. Temple did such a good job with the Pistols and the Feelgoods, I'm sure it'll be a good watch.