Saturday 29 September 2018

Someone Get Me a Ladder

£3.00 in the British Heart Foundation, Dumfries

I've just read Greg Lake's autobiography: he wrote Lucky Man in 2016 when he knew he was dying - Greg passed in the December, and the book was published posthumously last year. Keith Emerson, the 'E' in ELP, had taken his own life in March 2016, which leaves Carl Palmer the last man standing.

Trilogy (1972)
Lucky Man is a Dear Diary type read, and none the worse for that, full of facts and figures, if a little lacking in emotion; understandable, though, given the circumstances.

Brain Salad Surgery (1973)
Emerson Lake and Palmer have cropped up once or twice around here - prior to punk they were a touchstone in my life and in my record collection; I often tell people that you can condense their whole back catalogue into just two albums - Trilogy, released in 1972, and, a year later, Brain Salad Surgery.

Still You Turn Me On is from 1973's Brain Salad Surgery. When the band wanted to dial back the pomp and circumstance running through their long players, they would turn to Greg Lake and say "Write us an acoustic ballad." Their debut album carried Lucky Man, Trilogy was tempered with From the Beginning and this was the point in their live shows where Keith and Carl could slope off to the bar while Greg sat out front on a stool and held court. Whilst simultaneously chewing gum.

Greg Lake - Still You Turn Me On 


  1. Within the first few heartbeats at the start of 'The Endless Enigma', I'm 12 years old again, in my best mate's house, lying on the floor of his front room, between the stereo speakers which had been removed from their usual vantage point on the wall for this very purpose. There is a small handful of records that I would describe as having had a truly pivotal effect on my life and the music I listen to - 'Trilogy' is one of them.

    1. It’s like looking in a mirror.

      I would run back into a burning building to retrieve Trilogy

  2. Lovely memories from you guys. Yet another book to add to the long list awaiting my attention.

    1. It's not a patch on Rod's. Rod's really was unputdownable.

  3. Musicians need more emotional support.