Monday 17 September 2018

All Change

Crows have been looming large just recently, one way or another. I'm not normally someone who goes looking for hidden meanings in this sort of stuff, as it's usually just a hop, skip and a jump to places I'd rather not go, thank you vey much. But... if yer humble crow can shine any light on events to come - in some sort of totemic way - and if indeed they are an omen to the future, then I think, for what it's worth, they represent change.
Even if it just gets that little fella on the middle row - third from the right - turned back up the right way. Cos that's how I've felt these last few days, can I just tell you.


  1. I can certainly relate at the moment, John. It won't last forever, though, so hang in there.

    Did you take the photograph?

    1. Thank you Marie! No, I didn’t take the photo - it’s great, isn’t it? I should really credit it.