Sunday 23 September 2018


This time last year I was telling you all about Los Straitjackets. Unnerving and unmissable in equal measure, Nick Lowe must feel permanently underdressed these days.

Seems he and the Straits would often soundcheck with Dionne Warwick's Heartbreaker, before finally embracing it full on and dropping it into their set. Although, some would argue, not one of the Gibb brothers best songs (even though it went Number One all over the world in 1982), Nick and the band have breathed new life into it and have, I think, made it into an uber cool record*. See what you think.

It's from a tasty little EP - Tokyo Bay - released in June of this year.


  1. Hi John. As with all of Nick Lowe's releases, I picked up this 2x7" the second it came out. I have seen Lowe many times through the years but never with Los Straightjackets. Rectifying that in two weeks time, and I cannot wait.

    1. Hi Brian, me neither; countless time solo, but never with the Straits. Full gig report c/w photos please!