Tuesday 5 April 2016

Helen 1 Rob 0 (Latest Score)

The first cut is the deepest
With some fancy footwork the cheesemaker formerly known as Helen Archer thought she’d left her man for dead on Sunday night - but the three points aren't in the bag just yet: this pot boiler is still bubbling away nicely. We've all come across Helens in our life and secretly wish they’d resort to route one retribution. Maybe after listening to The Archers they’ll begin to feel more empowered. I'll be tuning in at seven o'clock tonight for the latest installment. Are you joining me?


  1. I hope someone's keeping an eye on the drainage in the lower field whilst all this excitement is going on!

  2. As someone who has always preferred the farming issues over the contemporary 'East Enders in a field' scripts, I am loving the Rob and Helen story-line. Even though it has been harrowing in places. But life can be harrowing and people like Rob and Helen do exist.
    However, I'm sure the lower field will be just fine.

    1. Phew, that's a relief! Nah in all seriousness, I totally agree; issues like domestic violence needs to be addressed in populist drama in a skillful and sympathetic manner., and we all know it's an issue that isn't located solely in the inner cities, so why not have a rural radio soap tackle it? If it helps one person to have the confidence to break free of such a hellish existence then it will have done its job. Fair play to them.