Monday 4 April 2016

You Do Something To Me

I heard recently that Paul Weller has bought a pile just up the road from me; though I've yet to see him at the local supermarket or newsagents buying his twenty Benson. Weller has a reputation for being one of the grumpiest coves in the business, so he should fit in well round here. I ruminated on this blog a while back that we should invite him to one of our acoustic nights. Now that he's one of us there's no excuse why he can't join our local Songwriters Circle. That said, he'd have to come along each month with a song every bit as good as one of these:

* Pretty Green
* English Rose
* That’s Entertainment
* The Bitterest Pill
* Butterfly Collector
* Brand New Start
* Moon On Your Pyjamas
* Wild Wood

And if he could pen something half as good as this, we'd award him God like status in a heartbeat: nothing's so sure.

Paul Weller: You Do Something To Me


  1. I've seen him on quite a few occasions, "English Rose" has a very evocative back story for me, and who couldn't forgive someone who penned "Up in Suze's Room" ?