Monday 18 April 2016

Silent Sigh

When Nick Hornby's About a Boy was given the big screen treatment in 2002 it would have been so easy to fill the soundtrack with pop fodder  - in the same way as, say, Sliding Doors did a couple of years earlier. (Other films with identikit soundtracks are available). But Hornby wanted a bespoke audio backdrop. Definitely not off the peg. And with the dozen or so original selections Badly Drawn Boy gave him, the project couldn't fail.
The standout song for me, Silent Sigh, is a haunting piano led tune that also cropped up near the end of an episode of House I watched last week. And it does that thing that all stunning songs do. It floors me. Every time.


  1. Yup, a soundtrack that means quite a lot to me, beautiful piece of work

    1. I dug the album out again after many years and played it through three times on the bounce. I really must dig the film out now. As you quite rightly say - a beautiful piece of work.

  2. I only know 'Bewilderbeast' and the first few EP's - this is quite lovely.