Friday 1 April 2016

RIP Woodlands

The death was announced today of Leeds born guitarist PP Woodlands. He never recovered consciousness after being attacked by a raft of puffins last month whilst holidaying in Scotland. Woodlands is probably best remembered for his time with the band Sky Ground: their debut EP, recorded in 1973, featured Carlos Santana and is still one of the most collectable pieces of vinyl from the period. His subsequent solo career was blighted by poor management and even poorer health. His family issued a brief statement: ‘Although PP gave his life to music, music didn't give a lot back. But PP carried on and was a fighter to the end. However, the puffins were the final straw.'


  1. Worthy of Brian Pern that

  2. Of course, this was posted on April 1st - don't believe everything you read - PPW