Thursday 16 June 2011

Magic Carpets

Yesterday on BBC Radio London the venerable Danny Baker was looking for custodians of various modes of transport. Thanks to The Candyman I am now in charge of Magic Carpets. Will this mean letters after my name? Will it get me a table in exclusive fancy dan restaurants? Probably not. Though a badge would be nice.

So what will I do during my tenure? Well, for starters, a recent song of mine, Magic Carpet, will be dedicated to the Danster. Along with three more Johnny Medd originals I've been road-testing in local folk clubs, it'll be on a little EP I'll be putting out later in the Summer; with the knob twiddling expertise of The Number One Son, we'll shortly be spending a couple of days in his new Manchester studios.


  1. For another cartoon based flying carpet check the Banana Splits/Arabian Knights..

  2. I thank you for the Mr. Benn episode!
    Made my Thursday night.

    Wishing you a good weekend when it comes around

  3. The creators of Mr Benn surely had access to the last of the good Acid.

  4. Apologies to anyone who's experienced a bouncing sensation while viewing my jottings over the last couple of days. Normal service has been resumed. I traced it back to a dodgy Mr Benn video!