Wednesday 29 June 2011

This is Pop

I love old photographs. Who doesn't? But when my dad recently gave me a big brown envelope full of random 'family snaps' I was somewhat troubled by the fact that I hardly knew any of the protagonists. 'Go away and write on the back who, where and when,' I told him.

So that's what he did. Now it all begins to make sense. So, knowing how boring other people's photos can be, here's just a small selection. I've now got a photograph of my great great great grandmother.

My grandfather, aka Pop, doing a spot of parading.

A rather nice shot of him with my Nanna on the promenade in Eastbourne in 1963; I love the way men used to wear shirts and ties when visiting the seaside.

And then, at the bottom of the envelope, came The Mystery Woman; my dad put a question mark on the back of her photograph. It would appear nobody in the family knows who she is. She's a flapper and no mistaking. Looks like I could be doing some detective work over the summer.

This post is dedicated to my Pop. John Richard Medd (whose name I share) was born December 29 1906. (my birthday is the 28th) and died December 1983. I think about him often.


  1. Oh I love it! There is something about old photos that makes me feel all funny! I'm rather taken with Mystery Woman's jazzy looking top too.

  2. She's quite the gal. And your Dad was quite the chap, in that photo. Lovely.

  3. Wonderful!
    There are few who can say having a photograph of their great,great,great grandmother.
    So many memories/stories in old photos. Agree with Ishouldbeworking

  4. They're great aren't they? I'll post a few more soon; there's another couple of mystery women!

  5. Grandad Pop looks like a film star, love the mystery women's dress and the symmetry in the beach pic - which could almost be a Martin Parr shot

  6. My Dad died in 1984 - sadly way too young. But my wife still refers to the fact that wherever we went out for the day he'd have on a collar and tie and invariably a blazer or jacket. There was something dignified about it all - to be fair no doubt it was because for years at work he'd been in a boiler suit working in a real man's job - shipwright in a dockyard so the chance to spruce up probably meant a lot to him