Friday 3 June 2011

Radio Radio!

Not since the heady days of 2005, when Phill Jupitus broadcast his breakfast show from my house, has there been so much radio activity at Medd Towers. Let me explain. While we were north of the border a couple of weeks ago, staying in a forty two room Scottish Castle, we met Edwyn Newman - jazz buff, raconteur and a presenter on Edinburgh based community radio station Leith FM. It was while playing snooker with Edwyn that I asked him if he'd play Corner Pocket on his next show. And, sure enough, he did.

Fast forward 48 hours and my good friend Mondo and his partner in crime, Piley, are at the controls for their first live broadcast on S6 Radio. The Medds were huddled round the wireless in true nuclear family style and, next thing I know, Mondo's name-checking me. Nice one Mondo! If he gets time maybe he can fit this into his tight schedule next Tuesday when Show #2 has a numbers theme.

Edwyn Newman's Jazz programme, Sunday evenings 6.00 - 8.00pm - Leith FM

Mondo & Piley's Podrophenia, Tuesday nights 9.00 - 10.00pm - S6 Radio


  1. We've had so many suggestions for numbers tracks - Piley and I have devised a Pick of the Pods scheme. All will be revealed on Tuesday..

  2. Cheers Mr M, delighted that we were able to provide some toonage at Medd Towers for you and the folks! Don't touch that dial! (erm, keyboard? mouse? whats the saying now?!)

  3. A stay in a Scottish castle?
    Nice, I hope the Scottish hospitality during your trip was good.
    Have a good weekend John


  4. M - Pick of the Pods? Not arf!

    P - S6 is now a preset.

    J - I've always found Jockingtons to be a fine race of people.

    On the Sunday a few of us ordered an Indian for home delivery. Yer man arrived, as promised, 30 minutes later, rang the bell and when we answered the door he said: 'Nice place you've got here!'

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